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Thirachat Thanasarnkit. Select a house tastefully, uniquely identifying yourself.

Khun Thirachart : “I let my wife to survey for a house or land in Chiang Mai. Then she returned to Bangkok together with the house brochure ofThe Esteem Chiang Mai, presented to me and said “I visited here. It’s so beautiful. I think you have to like it.” Previously, I searched for interesting villages from the internet and sent a list to my wife to check out when she came to work in Chiang Mai. We discussed that we were not in a hurry and took our time to choose. At the time I looked at the brochure, I was thinking that it was not like that in the list I sent to her. But what else I could do as she forced my hand like that. Then, I transferred my money for reservation straight away despite seeing only the brochure and house drawing. The bank completed evaluation and loan approval in two weeks. Frankly, I just saw the actual house on the transfer day. The entire home buying process took about 14 days.

When I actually saw the house on the transfer day, I could say that … I was not disappointed. The first feeling since landing at Chiang Mai Airport and driving to the project is that it was very convenient with low level of traffic jam and the road connects to and out of the city easily. The atmosphere is calm. This is what I like very much because we need a home for true relaxation. I began to explore the houses in each section. I accept that the materials here are of very good ones, meaning that it actually works and is useful really.”

Baania: What made you decide to book this house so fast?

Khun Thirachart : “Honestly, my wife came to see here and said that this place was good and she really liked it. This is probably the main reason (ha): a built-in pantry has been provided already as a giveaway. And when I saw the island, I suddenly realized why my wife liked it so much. When my wife, who usually likes a beautiful kitchen, found something like this, she certainly would scream at it. One more reason is that it is near the end of promotion, so I decided to buy unhesitatingly. We wanted a small house because we have only 2 people to stay. But lastly, we chose this house because the house design is beautiful and functional and there is no room that is too small to be uncomfortable. Every room, every area and every corner are functional.”

Baania: Is the eclectic style of home decorating idea your identity?

Khun Thirachart :“You can say that. Personally, I am quite a person who likes anything like no other, kind of slightly stubborn. I like classicism, like art. It looks charming and stylish. Actually, I think my taste and the project are similar. In Chiang Mai, the village with unique and outstanding American colonial architecture is quite rare to find. This should be another compatibility of the home decoration style and project design style.

The idea to decorate this house initially wasn’t specific about what style to be decorated. We just wanted it to be a house that could collect all the things that we like to be together. I like antiques because each piece is unique. I like the paintings that have been collected since my first house. I like materials that look natural, not much polished. Most of furniture used is a kind of loose furniture, bought in separate pieces. I rarely choose those that are provided as a set or decor surface material.As for my wife, she is a kind of those who can see ghosts. As my wife knows that I like antiques, so she just asked not to look such magical that we could not dare to stay. So, I chose to create a combination of modern and antique items with a wish of an overall image like a western house.

This decoration is called Eclectic Style It is a combination of decoration by mixing furniture and decorations of various styles and different eras to be compatible with the composition or the use of colors that are compatible. This decoration is similar to the maximalism style, both of which are based on the concept. “More is more”. It would be a warm and contemporary home. Then I combined all these requirements altogether, with modern items being mixed with antique items, vintage style being mixed with oriental style, and then added with contemporary style a little bit. This is my own Eclectic Style.

Like this corner, my wife said that the space under the console is quite empty. Then, in the afternoon, I got a leopard from Ban Thawai to place below. The leopard is made of resin in gold color. Lit looks like a brass work, making this corner look sweeter and sourer. As for the vase adapted from candleholder, this is because the beautiful vases are so expensive, so we adapted a candle holder instead, looking twinkling. The decorations came from many sources, one of which is a collection. As for the new purchases, some came from Chatuchak and some came from import stores, but we would wait for a great discount. Some were ordered online and some were from Chiang Mai. I did not specify from where or what they must be. Only it impresses me at the first sight, the price is acceptable and it is compatible with other items in the room, I would buy it.””

Baania: What is your favorite corner in your house, Khun Thirachart?

Khun Thirachart : “I like every corner of the house (chuckled) because we arranged and decorated by ourselves and they all are the actual use in every room, including the living room, dining table, kitchen, bedroom, or Buddha image room, which satisfy our needs the most.

Since deciding to buy this house, what items are you impressed?” “Actually, there are many things that make me and my wife feel good and impressed with the purchase of this house. The first is the team and responsibility of the project. I mainly live in Bangkok, so I must rely on the team to help take care of many things and The Esteem Chiangmai project has not finished with us only the process of transfer but always taken care of us all along. Fixing many defects is also fast and tidy. Even some items have expired the warranty period, they still come to help.

The second is the design and materials that are for the actual use so that we almost have no need to change or do anything more. They take into account the actual use from the point of wiring or TV installation points, which they are also provided in all rooms. Even the technician that I called to install various equipment, they all complimented that this place is equipped fully and provided with good materials.

The third is that the society here is quite good, calm and not busy. Now, I mainly live in Bangkok and will return to Chiang Mai about once a month. I hardly go anywhere. This means that I would go out only the case of appointment with my friend or wanting to find a coffee shop to chill out. But most of the time, I spend it at home. In the evening, I will go to the gym or swim at the club house of the project. I think this place is suitable as a home on the day that my wife and I will finally live for our retirement.

“If I had to reselect to buy a house, I still chose the house at The Esteem Chiang Mai Project. “

It’s hard to find for those who can match the “taste” of homebuyers, home decor and the design of the project perfectly with taking just a few days to click, compared to many people who may take months and years to get a “house” of their dream. If anyone is looking for a new home in a quality society or have a plan to move to Chiang Mai but may not have time to come to survey by yourself, let to help you find the right house in a favorite location first …