Charming Chiang Mai, The Esteem Style.

Everyone admits that Chiang Mai is very charming. One of the wonders of Lanna Land is the colorful mixture of old and new items that blends harmoniously and attracts us to be fascinated like a magic.

Chiang Mai also hides some charms you may not know. In terms of accommodation, no one can tell as good as “The Esteem Chiang Mai”, a quality house project, with the new definition of living in various styles in the right style and right form.


The charm of colonial atmosphere

Modern houses are not a rare item. But if you’re looking for a house that harmonizes art from the West and the East in a colonial style without being awkward, The Steam House Chiang Mai would be the perfect answer. Here, the house design and atmosphere of central buildings are a classic style focusing on details according to the distinctive characteristics of the colonial building, that is the composition of columns that are reduced from Roman columns; outside fences and porch railings are painted white, arranged in a simple rhythm; looking different with a gable roof using light tones or pastel colors; Most of the walls are stacked wooden board walls, alternating with cement walls, decorated with base molding and panel molding surrounding, added with delicacy of perforated patterns as a gimmick.

The Esteem Chiang Mai

Charm in luxury

Because the luxury and classic are as a good reflection of the taste and the beauty of the home, so The Steam has created an exclusive atmosphere to experience from the front of the project. The key is the luxurious elegance. The project also focuses on selecting materials that meet the premium quality standards of the SCG brand, by designing the bathroom function in every bedroom, including determining the width of traffic within the house. Each area of use is therefore quite spacious, making the house look open, airy and uncomfortable. Another characteristic is creation of a mezzanine as a multi-purpose section which can be used as a private resting area as well.

360-Degree Tour of the Project.

All type of the house in the project

Single House

The New Excellence

Single House

The Cozy

Single House

The Essential

Single House

The Eminence

Single House

The Excellence

Single House

The Elite