Facilities and services


Quality of life that you can choose

The Estee Chiang Mai

Quality houses in quality communities

  • European-style large park
  • wide playground area for activities that do not limit imagination
  • club house service The swimming pool has a standard salt water system.
  • Fitness Center with equipment

Playground and Jogging Track

communal garden

big size

public park large green space in european style

Quality houses in quality communities

Quality time for your LIFE.

salt water swimming pool


Standard salt water swimming pool and a fully equipped fitness center

Clubhouse service project

to support comfort with a standard salt system swimming pool and a well-equipped fitness center open from 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

* Security system is at the heart of a quality housing project in Chiang Mai where we use modern security technology, not only a 24-hour CC TV camera, but we also have a Guard Tour system that secures the need to go out. also checkpoints in different areas That covers the whole project to scan and check in online every 1 hour, so you can be assured that our security is taking care of the residents thoroughly.


Hour takes care of you with a security system.

security cctv

from the entrance to the project as well as to every alley for maximum safety

Guard Scan

Double security with a watch (Guard Scan) Checked by security guards every hour, every alley.

third party check

Verify third parties by exchanging ID cards, as well as saving your vehicle registration number, first and last name, to give you peace of mind.