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How to work from home in a good mood

 How to work from home in a good mood It is known that in this era and our lifestyle has changed a lot in many activities, dining, going out. meeting other people or even working With circumstances that force us to change our lives So we have to design a new way of living, but since we can design a life that is not monotonous. Have fun and have fun. Today, The Esteem has some great tips on how to make WFH fun inside the house. By using the function or what we have better. Organizing a busy office room create a happy atmosphere Some people may never have a concrete opportunity to work from home. It is used from time to time. For storage or use in other ways, creating an atmosphere that is not working. cluttered and disorganized Having a working room that is organized, arranged and decorated appropriately. It can create an atmosphere and help us to be creative in our work. The author recommends that Organizing the office well allows us to work smoothly. Not stuck and also create a good habit of managing the space (Space) that already exists better. Choosing a quiet office Quiet and far from noise Concentrate on work With many factors, this will make the work that we used to be bored. It has become a fun and enjoyable work. Work from home will not be boring anymore. 2. Walking exercise. modify work behavior Of course, working from home is not always the same as working at an office or anywhere else with limited environments or spaces. Sitting for long periods of time or doing the same job continuously may result in fatigue, pain, and getting out of the seat. Changing your behavior and walking out for a while will help your muscles move […]