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3 Ways to Fit Your Life for Enough Happiness

Our happiness is not the same and not the same. Some people may find happiness from doing nothing. Some people may be happy from doing something. Happiness for some people doesn't come easily. But the beginning of a good life is a happy life. But how do we make life happy and fit? Today we will take you to manage happiness to suit each person. 1. Work Life Balance It is undeniable that work is a part of life. More than 1/3 of our time in a day is spent working, using our body, using our brains and Thinking, busy work, unable to think about anything else or find time to relax, try to pull yourself out of that environment. open to new ideas Take a break and go outside to find inspiration for work. Going to a quiet coffee shop Sipping coffee and looking around will calm us down. Start slowing things down and you may find new ideas to work on. Allocate time for both work and life to fit perfectly. 2. Create a personal space for resting the mind. busy outside with work by meeting people Business and other things can sometimes cause our mind to not rest. The brain doesn't stop thinking going home to myself in a comfortable area Build a distance from the hustle and bustle and start paying attention to yourself. Our homes can make us liveable ourselves. Start from finding inspiration from the Internet or even personal preferences, creating a pleasant space, doing your favorite activities in your personal corner. Turning to pay attention to the things that are close to the representatives, the work is busy, the mind is so chaotic that we ignore the surroundings. Try turning your attention back to your surroundings, things, or even your home. may make us more important to what we have Use or modify what we already have for the better. You don't have to run or seek new things, but make good use of what you already have […]

The Esteem Security System / Big house, wide area with 24 hours security

Of course, when it comes to housing We all think of a place full of happiness. coexistence of family members rest and of course A place that makes you feel safe and warm. Because every day we have no idea what we are going through. Being in our Safe Place and Safe Zone allows us to be ourselves and do things with peace of mind. The Esteem understands and cares about our children's lives. house within the project therefore establishing standards and building a safety system who can take care of the children thoroughly all the time, ready to take care of safety Give you peace of mind 24 hours a day with a security system. standardized Which is considered the heart of quality living, surrounded by CCTV cameras starting from the entrance of the project. as well as to every alley To provide maximum safety for the children Increase confidence in living with Guard Scan by security guards patrolling every alley covering the whole project And keep reporting regularly with measures to check third parties by exchanging cards. Including recording the vehicle registration number, name and surname both inbound and out of the project every time. to give you more peace of mind Interested in visiting the project :,99.719701/@18.752509,99.7197,12z?hl=en-US Contact to visit the project : 053 960069, 083 5777488 

Green Space uplifts the minds of people in the house.

It is undeniable that nowadays there are stimuli that invite us to use our eyes more than in the past, whether it is Mobile phones, TV series, computers and much more. Make it common if we all experience fatigue from using our eyes. have irritation which is a signal that tells us It's time to take a break and focus on eye health. It is said that green or the color that makes us the most comfortable. cord-friendly When we talk about green, we tend to think of plants and grass, which are natural things that are easily available for purchase. Giving benefits and uplifting the mind, The Esteem would like to invite everyone to organize a Green Space for relaxation. Elevate your mind and relax your eyes. The first step before organizing our green space is to find the right space for our tree by the top considerations. is an area that can receive good performances have proper ventilation But if we don't have space near the window or balcony, let's choose an area that we tend to use as a relaxing corner. calm area Some types of plants do not need a lot of sunlight. or if the trees we plant need light We just put it in a sunny place for a while and then come back. It's easy The next step is to choose the right tree for us. Nowadays, there are many types of plants that are popular for decorating homes which and touch the cultivars have different care methods. Some trees require special care. The plants must be watered regularly and exposed to the sun regularly. Some plants do not need frequent watering. Some plants need to be fertilized. Therefore, it should be chosen accordingly. Once purchased, it must be fed and taken care of regularly. If talking about trees that are popular to decorate the house. Create a green area and you won't be able to escape. Monstera, banyan, cacti, or […]