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Teerachat Thanasarnkit selects homes with taste, expressing his unique identity.

Mr. Tee: “I asked my girlfriend to come to the survey to find a house or land in Chiang Mai. Then he returned to Bangkok. with a brochure of the house of the project The Estee Chiang Mai handed it to me and said “I went to look at this place, it's very beautiful. I said I must like it.” Previously, I searched for interesting villages on the Internet and sent a list to my boyfriend to try when he came up to work in Chiang Mai. We talked that we weren't in a hurry, look at it first, if you like it, then buy it. I looked at the brochure's face and thought, It's not like sending a list to them. But how can a fan be tied up like this? I transferred the money to reserve. Even though I only saw brochures and house plans The bank completed the appraisal and loan in two weeks. the real house We'll see each other on the day of the transfer. Complete the entire home buying process within 14 days.

When I actually came to see the house on the transfer day, I can tell you that…not disappointed. The first feeling since landing at Chiang Mai Airport And driving to the project, it is very convenient, the car is not jammed and it is a road that connects easily in and out of the city. The surrounding atmosphere was calm, which I really liked. Because we really need a home for relaxation. I started exploring each section of the house. I admit that here the material is really good. is actually usable Not a tattoo, but having it all.”

Baania: What made Tee decide to book a house so quickly?

Mr. Tee: “To be honest, my girlfriend came and said it was good and liked it very much. This is probably the main reason (laughs) is that the project has built-in pantry already. I know why my girlfriend likes it so much. Girlfriend loves a beautiful kitchen. Seeing this makes me scream. Also, it's almost the end of the promotion, so we decide to hurry up. Actually, we want a small house. Because we are only 2 people, but in the end, we chose this house. because the house plan is beautiful It really works And no room is too small to be uncomfortable. Can be used in every room, every area and get a corner house too.”

Baania: The idea of decorating a house in Eclectic Style is who we are, right?

Mr. Tee: “You can say that. Personally, I'm quite a person who likes something unique. is their own person A little stubborn, a little bit stubborn, I like the classic, I like the art. It's charming and stylish. In fact, I think my tastes for the project are similar. In Chiang Mai, villages with distinctive and unique American colonial architecture are quite rare. This is probably another combination of home decoration style and project design style.

The idea of decorating this house at first didn't specify how you wanted to decorate it. I just thought I wanted it to be a house where everything we liked could be gathered together. I like antiques in the Antique style because each piece is unique. Like the paintings that have been collected since the first house. I like natural looking materials. not polished a lot Most of the furniture used is floating. buy in pieces I rarely choose those that are supplied as a set or a covering material. As for my girlfriends, they are human beings who see ghosts. Boyfriend knows I like old things. But please don't look magical. I will not dare to stay So I chose to create a mix of new and antique items. by wanting the overall picture to look like a western house

This decoration is called Eclectic Style is a mixed decoration By mixing furniture and decorations in many forms, different eras, different eras, different styles by arranging the elements. or the use of colors that go together This style of decoration is closely related to the Maximalism style, where both styles stand on the More is more concept. It is a warm and contemporary home. So we put all these problems together. There are new items mixed with Antique items, Vintage mixed with Oriental and a little bit of contemporary drops. Eclectic Style in my way.

In this corner, my girlfriend said that the underside of the console looked a bit empty, so in the afternoon that day, I took a leopard mother from Baan Tawai and put it downstairs. The leopard mother is made of resin with gold color. The work is very good. It looks like brass work. Make this corner look more sweet and sour. The vase was converted from a candlestick. The beautiful vase was too expensive, so I used a candlestick instead. It looks very sparkly. The decorations come from many sources, some of them are collectibles. Most of the new purchases are from Chatuchak. Some stores that are imported but will wait when they are heavily discounted. Ordering from the Internet is also available, some of them are from Chiang Mai. I didn't specify where or what genre it had to be. If you see it and like it, the price is usable and compatible with other items. I bought it in the room.”

Baania: What is your favorite corner of Tee's house that you like the most?

Mr. Tee: “I like every corner of the house (ha) because we arrange it ourselves and decorate it ourselves. And it really works in every room, whether it's living room, dining table, kitchen, bedroom, or prayer room, which fits your needs best.”

Baania: Since I decided to buy this house What impressed you?

Mr. Tee: “Actually, there were things that made me and my boyfriend feel good and impressed with the purchase of this house. first is the team and the responsibility of the project I'm mainly in Bangkok. It has to rely on the team to take care of many things, which at The Esteem Chiang Mai project is not just transferred and finished. but take care of each other all the time editing tasks It's fast and good. Some things have expired and still come to help take care of each other.

Second is the design and materials that really works There is almost no need to change or do anything extra. Take into account the people who actually use it. since the power point TV installation points are provided in all rooms. Even the technicians I called to install various equipment, they all admired that the place was complete and the material was good.

Third The society here is quite good. Calm and not busy. Now I'm mainly living in Bangkok. and will come back to Chiang Mai about once a month I hardly go out That is, if going out, maybe make an appointment with a friend. or want to find a coffee shop to chill But most of the time I stay at home. Free evening, I go swimming, go to the gym at the clubhouse of the project. I think this place is suitable as a home. On the day that my girlfriend and I will be living in retirement. If you choose to buy a house again I would still choose a house at The Esteem Chiang Mai project.”

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