The Esteem Project

quality of life
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European-style large park Big green area to add pure oxygen Stand out creatively with European garden design. Let relaxation be like traveling in Europe. Along with an area for walking - running around the park (Jogging Track), exercising in the natural atmosphere near you easily. and provide garden seating for full relaxation in the green spaces.

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Special services from the project to support comfort with a standard salt system swimming pool and a well-equipped fitness center open from 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

security system

More secure with the system
modern security

Security system is at the heart of a quality housing project in Chiang Mai where we use modern security technology, not only a 24-hour CC TV camera, but we also have a Guard Tour system that secures the need to go out to Checkpoints in different areas That covers the whole project to scan and check in online every 1 hour, so you can be assured that our security is taking care of the residents thoroughly.