Project Concept

“The Art of Colonial Living”
The Esteem is the art of living in American colonial style to impress you from the first step, that reflects your personality and beauty in American colonial style. With a powerful posture of horse sculpture as if it is alive and exquisite architecture, delicate with the beauty of perforated design, perfectly designed function in every living space of the house, it makes you feel proud to be an owner

“Warm, Contemporary, and Timeless.”

In addition to the uniqueness of the western architecture that is the prominent point of the house, it also incorporates the interior decoration with modern classic style, which focuses on delicacy, combined with luxury, perfectly.

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We designed for every moment of life and meet requirements

for everyone in your beloved family under the concept “Ban Jaidee (kind house) with Lower-Floor Bedroom”


  • ฝ้าชายคาไวนิลระบายอากาศ Windsor
  • สัญญาณกันขโมย
  • ประตู/หน้าต่าง UPVC Windsor
  • ระบบกำจัดปลวก
  • ราวบันไดเหล็กดัดอิตาลี
  • แผนสะท้อนความร้อน SCG
  • กระจกเขียวตัดแสง
  • ผนังอิฐมอญแดง
  • เสาเข็มคอนกรีด ชนิดตอก
  • สุขภัณฑ์อัจฉริยะ
  • ประตูรั้วรีโมท


Ready to live unit !

Single house in Chiang Mai

The New Excellence

• Bedroom on the 1st floor
• Private bathroom for every bedroom
• Private park view with a good location
• Multipurpose 1½ floor for you to decorate

Promotion !!
• Free Car ! limited offer
• Air conditioner
• Remote Control Gates
• Water tanks / pumps
• Decorated park with grown tree

Single house Chiang Mai

The New Eminence 

New Design

• Large bed room with walk-in closet

• Free!! for cost on transfer date

The Esteem Chiang Mai

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The Esteem Chiang Mai Co., Ltd.
198 moo 8 Ton Pao Sub-district, San Kamphaeng District, Chiang Mai Province 50130

Tel. 0 5396 0069, 08 3577 7488
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